Our Journey

Gayl Harvesting3The use of environmental principles in handcrafting natural and organic soap products has become a 40 year standard for Evening Shade Farms.

What started out as a desire for a pioneer spirited woman to get back to the land, has taken a huge quantum leap to get back to The American Dream. Three new generations going about the business of feeding that pioneer spirit back to life. It is the anticipation of a better life that nurtures our dream. What started out as a desire to live off the land and give back some hand craft, has grown into creating body care products that incorporates the wisdom of elders.

Think of a soap that reawakens the spirit, that glows with an aroma that transcends the every day. We call it Shekinah. Some of our clients call it inspirational. Then, think of a soap made from Balsam Pine Tar. Folk medicine at its finest. Used out of necessity, praised for its medicinal qualities. Two very different soaps that could represent the diverse complexion of America and the variety of our products from Dry Shampoos + Body Powder to a NON-TOXIC insect repellent, all representing the pioneer spirit of Evening Shade Farms.

You’ve just left the town of Osceola, Missouri pop. 912, heading south down Rt. 13, hang a left onto Hwy. TT and watch out for the deer, they’ll come at you, out of nowhere. 7 miles east and you’ll come to three, not so scary lady scarecrows sittin’ on a fence. You’ve just reached the 80 acre Evening Shade Farm, named after the little Arkansas town where our founder Gayl was born. Down our road a bit and you’re face to face with our recycled barn-wood Soap House. 1,500 square feet of bumper to bumper oils, mixing bowls, coolers and boxes. A well-organized nightmare…an alchemist’s dream kitchen. Walk across an adjacent dirt path, past chicken coop, past burn-barrel, over to our vacation rental, The Cedar House, + the addition of Evening Shade Farms Annex where an additional 1500 S.F. work space is picking up speed and filling up quickly. The aroma is that of a garden of delights. Sometimes too good to be good. Sometimes too sweet to be sweet. Grazing on the back 40, our goats wait, waiting to be milked for their wonderful magic.

Our founder guide was a woman of many passions that were the driving force of her doing so many things so very well. One easily recalls the child-like smile she bore when harvesting a tender crop of baby asparagus or the look of challenge, as to whether she could make her own witch hazel from the native witch hazel shrub. But the one thing that stands out in my memory is how my mother loved to do gardening wearing no shoes. It must have made her feel more connected to the earth she loved. To honor that connection, we have conjured-up an incredible product that is almost magical in its qualities. We call it Barefoot In The Garden. Take the cream base soap. Apply it to your hands and feet, let it dry, and presto you have an invisible protector that shields both hands and feet. After gardening rinse the protector off and viola’ you have both clean hands and feet once again. Protected cuticles, bacteria removed and hands and feet moisturized. How’s that for inspiration.


To take body care products to a natural conclusion by maximizing the body care system with holistic benefits, and at the same time… minimizing any negative environmental impact.

Soap Facts

  • Fresh- non-GMO

  • Preservative Free

  • Certified Organic Ingredients

  • Non-Toxic – Environmentally Friendly

  • Recommended for sensitive and afflicted skin



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