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You have entered the world of Aromatic Exotica. A place where the senses can rest and recuperate or run wild to their heart’s content. A place where Folk Medicine mixes with sensual pleasures and immersion can stimulate a desired result.  A simple canoe trip turns into a magical passage. For 30 years, we have journeyed into other realms. The discoveries have been remarkable.

Only you can set your compass…we provide the paddle.

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Shade of Evening Perfume Rollerball


Shade of Evening Perfume Rollerball

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Created by a team of modern day alchemists, Shade of Evening Perfume is the ultimate in earthy, spicy delights, with a lingering aroma that will cast a spell on millions of women & men around the world.
Its seductive, aromatic erotica will take you to a place where dreams reign supreme.
Caught between the end of day and beginning of night, its legend lives on adding mystery and desirability.
The aroma will be with you throughout the day and night…into tomorrow.
Only available in a 1oz Rollerball.

Ingredients:  Proprietary blend of pure essential & fragrance oils.

NET 0.33 oz/10 mL

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