Heritage Soaps

A pioneer-spirited woman’s desire to live off the land, has two new generations going about the business of bringing that pioneer spirit back to life. The anticipation of a better life continues to nurture our dream.

The desire to live off the land and give back some folk medicine, has grown into creating skin care products that incorporate the Wisdom of Elder.

Our founder’s legacy remains the same at Evening Shade, to live by nature’s way, not by the laws of man.

Our Heritage Soap collection Squeeze of Sweet Lemon, Press of Olive and Goat Milk Amongst the Honey Bee, reflect a 40-year standard for Evening Shade Farms. Our heritage will continue to be our future.

Goat Milk Amongst the Honey Bee Soap

Rated 5.00 out of 5

Goat Milk Amongst the Honey Bee Soap

We’ve let Mother Nature lead the way with ‘Goat Milk Amongst the Honey Bee Soap’ and taken the best that “Mom” has to offer when it comes to Natural Organic Skin Care.

With our proprietary exotic blend of our own fresh Non-GMO Goat’s Milk, Honey and Organic Oatmeal, this soap exfoliates the skin, revealing pathways for enzyme rich goat milk to work its magic.

Bearing a subtle aroma of fresh almonds, you’ll find that it balances, nourishes, hydrates and restores.

We produce our very own goat’s milk and raw honey from our goats and bee hives for this mineral and enzyme-enriched soap. Then, we add an exfoliating organic oatmeal and special aromatic blend of essential oils for the perfect soap for oily, combination or acne skin issues.

Evening Shade Farms was one of the first to formulate a natural fresh Non-GMO Goat’s Milk soap over three decades ago!


Locally sourced tallow & lard, fruit & vegetable oils, fresh non-GMO goats milk, distilled water, sodium hydroxide, certified organic oatmeal, raw honey, pure essential & fragrance oil blend

NET WT. 5oz./160 g

Olive Oil De 10 Tracker Soap

The Press of Olive Soap

Rated 5.00 out of 5

The Press of Olive Soap

Use daily as a moisturizing face and body bar to leave your skin soft and supple.

One of Evening Shade Farms most popular soaps, our ‘The Press of Olive Soap’ has been flowing freely for over 45 years.

This is a classic aroma truly reminiscent of old world luxury. An enduring scent from antiquity, it reigns supreme in bathing essentials.

This handmade beauty bar has been a favorite for more than three decades with its special moisturizing formula and blend of nourishing lavender and chamomile botanical oils.

It leaves your skin soft, silky and thoroughly cleansed.

Many men who have not abandoned the shaving brush, tell us that “The Press of Olive Soap gives a rich lather and softens the skin for the smoothest shave.” We now have ‘De León No. 11 Organic Shaving Soap‘ specifically tailored for shaving.

It’s gentle enough for even our smallest family members.

Ingredients: Locally sourced tallow, distilled water, coconut & olive oils, sodium hydroxide, canola & hemp oils*, lavindin, lavindin-chamomile, rose, ylang ylang, lavender, & pettigrain essential oil blend

* Certified Organic

NET 5 oz/160g

The Squeeze of Sweet Lemon Soap

Rated 5.00 out of 5

The Squeeze of Sweet Lemon Soap

Fresh as fresh can be, our ‘The Squeeze of Sweet Lemon Soap’ is nature’s super purifier, allowing your skin to breathe.

You’ll never get enough of this classic citrus fragrance.

Our brilliant yellow & white bar is as soothing to the eye as it is to the skin.

This spicy lemon scented bar is cleansing, soothing, offers extra creamy lather, and leaves you feeling refreshed and energized for your day. 

Ingredients: Locally sourced tallow & lard, fruit & vegetable oils, distilled water, sodium hydroxide, pure essential oil blend, mica

NET WT. 5oz./160g