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Life Force Exfoliator (SHB) Soap

Life Force Exfoliator Soap


Life Force Exfoliator Soap

The name says it all.  When present, it brings about the vitality of youth. It eliminates, rejuvenates & polishes.

The tropical aroma of Life Force Exfoliator Soap will take you to the world of exotica bringing your skin to a whole new polished level.

Moisturizing Life Force Exfoliator Soap leaves you with youthful beauty.

Designed as a body scrub exfoliant. ‘Life Force Exfoliator Soap‘ can be used gently to exfoliate the face taking caution around the sensitive eye area.

We only have one life to live…live it now with polished radiant skin.

Ingredients: Locally sourced tallow, distilled water, cocos nucifera (coconut) & olea europaea (olive) fruit oils, sodium hydroxide, brassica napus (canola) & cannabis sativa (hemp) seed oils*, silicon dioxide (white sand) natural silica, cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, pinn, seashore, & vanilla planifolia (vanilla) fragrance oil blend, triticum vulgare (wheat) germ oil*, silk amino acid (tussah silk fiber)
* Certified Organic

NET 5 oz (160g)