Barefoot in the Garden™ Soap


Barefoot in the Garden Soap

For those of you with hard-working hands and feet, this creamy soap comes in a convenient wide-mouth jar for easy use.

A must for those who like to garden, work in automotive repair, painters, utilitarian workers, and even potters.

It’s the perfect solution for those who like to wear gloves or for those who don’t wear gloves.

Applied before doing the task, this creamy soap acts as an invisible glove or sock with natural antiseptic and antibacterial properties leaving the hands and feet moisturized and protected.

This creamy soap is soothing and helps provide relief from minor skin abrasions and irritations.

Barefoot in the Garden is enriched with vitamin E, natural glycerine, and a refreshing blend of essential oils.

Approx. 150 g

Available on backorder

Product Description

Barefoot in the Garden Soap

For best results:

Apply to hands-feet before gardening or outdoor work.

Let dry.

Proceed with gardening, painting, general maintenance, automotive work, etc.

When finished, rinse off Barefoot in the Garden™ soap and feel the results.

Your hands and feet will be protected and moisturized.

Helps provide relief for hand and feet insults using natural antibacterial properties.



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