Loofah Facial Sponge


Loofah Facial Sponge

3 Sponges per package.

  • A Natural sponge from the fibrous interior of the Loofah Sponge Plant.
  • The Loofah’s natural fibers stimulation, removes dead skin cells leaving skin healthy, soft and vibrant.
  • Loofah can be used with soaps, creams, or lotions.
  • Used in salons and spas worldwide.

Loofah Facial Sponge Size: 2.5″ x 0.125″, 3 per package

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Loofah Facial Sponge


Wet Loofah and, if desired, squeeze to soften.

Use Loofah wet or with soaps and gently massage your skin, paying special attention to rough dry areas.

After bathing, gently pat skin dry and apply your favorite moisturizer.

Do not use Loofah on broken skin.

Store Loofah in well ventilated area to dry between uses.


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