Prairie Brush Equine Soap


Prairie Brush Equine Soap

Enhanced with BUGZee Natural Insect Repellent

Using a unique blend of natural & organic ingredients, P.B.S. is useful in combating a wide variety of equine skin conditions ranging from itching, scaling to flaking. It is naturally formulated to discourage insects from gorging & biting your horse. ‘PBS’ Equine Soap nourishs & moisturizes your horses’ skin leaving it soft, supple & glistening.

Sometimes you need more than a swish of a tail to get rid of the irritating critters. The fine bristles of PBS have been enhanced with ‘BUGZee‘ and for double protection use BUGZee For the Barn DEEP Natural Insect Repellent and BUGZee For the Barn Natural Insect Repellent Spray for your complete equine package.

Ingredients: Our own non-GMO Goat’s Milk, locally sourced tallow & lard, fruit & vegetable oils, distilled water, sodium hydroxide, pure essential oil blend, botanical blend    approx. 150 g

Product Description

PBS Prairie Brush Equine Soap enhanced with BUGZee Insect Repellent

Bathe your horse with this unique equine scrub soap and fortify your horses skin, coat, and mane.

Evening Shade Farms all natural, fresh Non-GMO Goat Milk base soap is enhanced with BUGZee Natural and Organic Insect Repellent.

PBS helps to soothe and condition your horses skin. We have received reports that PBS helps to relax and calm the horse after bathing along with the continued use of BUGZee Natural and Organic Insect Repellent. Prairie Brush Soap is sure to leave the irritating critters behind and let the horse’s coat shine!

Instructions for use:

  • Use as often as needed for bathing your horse
  • Rinse your horse with water
  • Before use dip the brush into a bucket of water to help soften the soap and bristles
  • In a circular motion scrub the horse letting the soap absorb into skin before rinsing off
  • Rinse off
  • After hair is dry apply BUGZee For the Barn Organic Oil Base Insect Repellent or BUGZee For the Barn Organic Aloe Spray to your horse as often as necessary to keep irritating biting critters from annoying your horse and enjoy the ride!


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