Samsāra Du Mist for Body and Home


Samsāra Du Mist for Body and Home

You have entered the world of Aromatic Exotica. A place where the senses can rest and recuperate or run wild to its heart’s content. A place where Folk Medicine mixes with sensual pleasures and immersion can stimulate a desired result. A simple canoe trip turns into a magical passage.

For 30 years, we have journeyed into other realms. Samsāra Du Mist For the Body, a Floral and Exotic place, where this engaging aromatic essence leads to an exquisite fragrance that will entice the erotic.

Only you can set your compass…we provide the paddle.

Ingredients: Distilled water, grain alcohol, pure essential & fragrance oil blend

NET WT. 8oz/240 ml

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Product Description

Samsāra Du Mist for Body and Home

Samsāra mist is safe for the Body and Home.

Shake well before misting.

Mist the airspace around you and over your entire body.

Lightly mist clothes to promote the aroma for longer periods of time.

Samsāra’s rich floral aroma re-defines the exotic… leaving you feeling sensual and romantic.

It is a great solution for bringing aroma to your bed linens…mist before sleep to help promote relaxation.

Keep out of eye area.

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