Shade of Evening Perfume


Shade of Evening Perfume

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Created by a team of modern day alchemists, Shade of Evening Perfume is the ultimate in earthy, spicy delights, with a lingering fragrance that will cast a spell on millions of women & men around the world.
Its seductive, aromatic erotica will take you to a place where dreams reign supreme. Caught between the end of day and beginning of night, its legend lives on adding mystery and desirability.
The fragrance will follow you throughout the day..or night and into tomorrow.
Also available in a .3oz/10 ml Rollerball.


Ingredients:  Proprietary blend of pure essential & fragrance oils.

NET WT. 1 oz./30ml

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Product Description

Shade of Evening Perfume

Directions for use:

Shake well before using.

Apply to pulse points.

 Our Signature Soap House Fragrance, also available in a Rollerball, Soap, Du Mist, & Body Powder + Dry Shampoo. You feel like you are in the Evening Shade Farms Soap House.



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