Tenderfoot Herbal Foot Rub


TenderFoot Organic Herbal Foot Rub

Toes…a lot more than a collection of five, waiting to be painted.

Essential to that balancing act, we call standing and walking.

It’s only when the fine sensation in your feet start fading away that we realize how much we depend on the well being of these little guys to step up to the plate.

For over 30 years Evening Shade Farms depended on proven Folk Medicine to help.

We found that TenderFoot Organic Herbal Foot Rub, a unique oil blend, massaged into the toes and feet (twice daily), is proving to be a wonder solution that stands-up to numbness and gets you to thinkin’ about dancin’…once again.

Ingredients: Melaleuca alterniflora (tea tree)*, piper mentha piperita (peppermint)*, rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary)*, & melia azadirachta (neem) seed* essential oils. * Certified Organic

Net WT. 1.5 oz./50 ml

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Product Description

TenderFoot Organic Herbal Foot Rub


Helps provide relief for foot pain, numbness and tingling, toenail and foot fungus.

Massage a small amount of TenderFoot Organic Herbal Foot Rub to the bottom of feet and toes AM & PM daily.

For nail and foot fungus, apply to affected area AM & PM daily.

We recommend using TenderFoot Organic Herbal Foot Rub exclusively and consistently to obtain maximum results.

Keep out of eye area.


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