THE STOP Organic Insect Bite Relief Rollerball


THE STOP Organic Insect Bite Relief Rollerball

GET THE STOP on THE SPOT with THE NEW STOP Rollerball ***

When the ITCH is in the boot…scratchin’ on the outside just doesn’t cut it.

When a tick, flea, fly or chigger finds its target…and the target is you…no telling where it’s gonna end-up.

One thing’s for sure…it can drive you crazy.

THE STOP, an all natural folk medicine, anti-itch spray, takes on the worst of nature’s not-so-little scratchin’ problems whether they be the movin’ ones or poison plant ones.

THE STOP, the scratchin’ Relief cure…is just a spray away.

Ingredients: Cane alcohol*, hamamelis virginiana (witch hazel), eucalyptus citriodora (eucalyptus)*, matricaria recutita (chamomile)*, picea mariana (black spruce)*, cedar leaf, lavandula angustifolia (lavender)*, & melaleuca alterniflora (tea tree)* essential oils.

*Certified Organic

NET 2.5 fl oz (75 mL)

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THE STOP Organic Insect Bite Relief Rollerball

Shake Well Before Applying

Spray the affected area before the itch attack begins, during the attack, and after the attack.

You can’t overdo it… that’s for sure!

Let THE STOP absorb and dry before applying again.

Keep out of eye area.

To help prevent Insect Bites use: THE STOP Organic Insect Bite Relief SprayBUGZee Insect Repellent Soap, BUGZee Deep Organic Insect Repellent Oil, BUGZee Urban Organic Sect Repellent Aloe Spray.

If you have pets, you may get insects from them, so protect them with our BUGZee Pet Products.

Made in America


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