Wisdom of Elder Rollerball


Wisdom of Elder Rollerball

Our ‘Wisdom of Elder Rollerball’ is a time-honored mainstay of European folk medicine. With its organic ingredients and wholesome goodness, you’ll say “Goodbye” to dry and cracked skin and “Hello” to smooth, hydrated skin brought out by the curative properties of our ‘Wisdom of Elder Rollerball‘.

Just listen to the gentle voice of our ‘Wisdom of Elder Rollerball’ as it soothes and transforms your skin with warm, woody notes of healing.

The Elders have said that in Nature, there are no mistakes.

This Natural Organic Vegan Moisturizer has Ayurvedic properties that helps eliminate puffy inflammation of facial skin with anti-allergenic, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, you’ll love.

Ingredients:  brassica napus (canola) & olea europaea (olive) fruit oils, sambucus (elder leaf) extract, tocopherol (vitamin E) Non-GMO, citrus aurantifolia (lime)essential oil* * Certified organic

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Wisdom of Elder Rollerball

This is one of Evening Shade Farms legendary Folk Medicine Remedies. Wisdom of Elder Rollerball works wonders for a variety of skin afflictions.

  • Wisdom of Elder Rollerball may provide relief for minor skin irritations such as minor lacerations, bruising, mild to severe chapping and chaffing skin.
  • It helps to reduce inflammation and provide organic moisture to overly dry and sensitive areas of the face and skin.
  • It soothes and softens tissue that has residual scarring from radiation treatment and surgical insults.
  • We also recommend this botanical treatment for animals afflicted by skin irritations or lesions.

Wisdom of Elder is not recommended for those who suffer from auto-immune disease.

Directions for use:

  • Apply to affected area AM and PM daily or as needed to provide comfort and relief.
  • Store in a cool dry location

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NET WT. 0.34oz./10mL


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